Starvation LP

by Starvation

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Split release with Clarity Records


released November 22, 2013

Recorded by Kyle Bloksgaard
Mastered by Bill Henderson

Ben Smith - Drums
Danny Grim - Guitar
Footy - Bass
Jxhx Dxe - Guitar
Marcel - Vocals

All songs written by Starvation



all rights reserved


lethal dose records Australia

Hardcore Punk, Adelaide Australia

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Track Name: Souleater
Youíve earned the right to take all you want,
To rape, pillage and murder at will.
You prey on the souls of the weak and defenceless,
Eating their young and old as you like.

Your kind a disease that spreads,
A war on life without end.
Never a conscious thought,
Beyond the bullshit youíve been fucking taught.

My hands will wear to the bone,
And my teeth will grind back to the gums,
Before I ever succumb to your lust for blood.
I will sleep at ease, a rotten fucking corpse.
But until that day I will lay awake haunted
By the souls that canít plead for your mercy.

Born into a death sentence.
Track Name: Power Corrupts
Thereís nothing to lose
But our whole fucking future
And yet still it sits
In your pig fucking hands.

Two ears arenít enough to hear all of your bullshit,
Your words are as hollow as your cold fucking heart.
You'll run and hide from the truth as long as you live.

Power Corrupts.

Ideals became apathy the second you lusted for
What was held by every motherfucker before you.
I hope you choke on your own vile tongue
And drown in every one of your fucking lies.
Track Name: Fill The Blanks
What a drag it is, the will to live.
Stand up straight and in line,
Don't live a day of life until the one you die.

Fill the blanks, connect the dots,
But when you're six feet in the ground,
All you'll do is fucking rot.

Fill the fucking blanks.
Track Name: Deal With It
Play the shitty hand you've been dealt
Get a fucking grip on yourself.
Stop splitting your teeth,
With your razor tongue,
This is a knife fight and I am a gun.

I am the lash and this is the law,
dying is easy if life is a war.
You're no pastime, you're an absolute chore.
Don't fuck with me just because you are bored.
Track Name: Mouth
A leper of the mind, a child convinced of control.
Your strength of will a defence...
To swallow and hide all of your pain.

I'll grit my teeth in silent hate,
While your knife goes in and out of my back
Your words like poisonous barbs.
Wake up to yourself you're the worst of all.

Live your own life, mould your own legacy.
Live your own life, and stay the fuck out of mine.
Live your own life, mould your own legacy.
Life your own life and keep my name out of your fucking mouth.

So be it, friend no more.
Track Name: Injury
Your pathetic feeble minds
Are no possible match for mine.
You'll cling to your self-pity and loathing,
Until you've sunk so far that you can't recognise.
That I've turned every cheek and extended my hand
But you all only turned to spit in my face.
And I'll forgive forgive and move on...

...but you fucking won't just let it fucking die.
Stop holding on to what's eating you alive.
I've got nothing left to give.
You've drained me half to death and broken my fucking back.
But I'll forgive, forget and move on,
And while you fucking won't, it's no fucking loss.
Track Name: Mean Side
Fuck with me and find out,
The colour of my ugly streak.
Your jealous eyes. Your crooked smile. Betray the child within.

I don't like you, you don't like me, so why pretend?
Track Name: Crippled
Between these walls lay the scattered remains of a life sucked dry
By the stone cold lips of a cruel, neglectful and soulless world.

The scorn and contempt, the apathy and rejection,
Of every one of us all just drives home the point.

Doors slam shut as fast as they open.
No other option but to blanket your pride,
and suffer in silence.
To fester and rot, behind the prison bars of your ugly thoughts.
The shackles and chains the grim reality of your death.

At what point do we discount the value of life?
Turn our backs and wash the guilt from our hands?
Track Name: Vultures
What then, when the carcass has been picked clean?
No inferior bodies left to abuse.
Run rings around your prey.
Never checking your six.

Luck always runs out, when your hands run with blood.
Burn it to the ground, that's all you fucking know.
Track Name: Hurt Me Plenty
All you can think or feel is hate.
Pain follows you around like an unloved dog.
You wear your scars on your sleeve,
But hide away your faults, fears mistakes and regrets.

Whatever doesn't kill you still leaves you dead, inside.

All I have fucking left is hate,
Black blood clots my veins no life left in my eyes.
Nail my mouth fucking shut,
Because all my words have done is fuck everything up.

Whatever doesn't kill me still leaves me fucked,
But I won't envy the dead.

Let me go.

Cornered, boxed in, give me back my fucking life.

Give me back my fucking life.
Track Name: Deep Lead
This is where I belong, and I don't mean in a fucking pack.
I'll hide my pain and my face from the world,
I don't want anyone to see what's inside.
You'd spit out the taste of the hate in my heart,
Because I will not be broken.
I will not give an inch, to fit your fucking mould.

I've heard every one of your lines before.
No room in my life for your weak fucking bullshit.
Loyalty isn't one way, and it's been decades since I crawled.
I won't start now, not for you, not for anyone.